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Professional Translation Services for over 15 Years

Technical, Legal, Medical, Business Translation and More

Tectrans has provided swift and accurate technical translation and DTP services to multi-national and international businesses for over 20 years.

Experience has taught us that no two projects are identical, which is why we do not price by word count alone. Every estimate is individually calculated to ensure the best value for money. To discuss your project and to get a customised quote, email or call our sales team on: +44 (0) 1273 426921

Fidelity to the original document’s content, meaning, style, layout and appearance is our guiding principle. We deliver accurate translations that you can take straight to market, without the need for costly editing or redesign

We are based in the UK where we work directly with a network of over 600 experienced technical translators based in every continent around the world

In addition to technical translation, we can provide DTP and printing services to support all aspects of your technical document production. We manage each project from start to finish to ensure a seamless service and all to a consistently high standard.

We can provide a range of related services including interpreting, training and specialist translations

We are certified to the ISO 17100 Translation Quality Management and the ISO 27001 Information Security Management international standards.

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    How do I get a quotation?

    Translation quotations are largely based on the word count of a document.  Pricing varies from language to language.  To get the best quote we always need to see the document(s) that are to be translated.  Files can be sent electronically by email, in hard copy, on CD or DVD or uploaded to our secure FTP site.

    What file formats do you support?

    We support all major file formats such as InDesign, Corel Ventura, Corel Draw, Interleaf, PageMaker, XML, XLIFF, Frame maker, Quark Express, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Freehand, Dream weaver and PDF.  Editable formats are preferred to ensure an accurate word count and quotation.

    How will my translation be returned to me?

    Translations are usually returned in an editable electronic format via email or FTP, unless we are asked to deliver in a specific format like PDF or by post in hardcopy.  The translation is delivered laid out as close the original document as possible and ready to print, taking into account any pre-agreed guidelines or instructions.

    What will my translation cost?

    Translation costs are based on the word count of a document.  Rates vary from language to language and are usually calculated per word or per 1000 words to be translated.   Desk Top Publishing costs are calculated separately on an individual basis and are in addition to the cost of translation

    What do I need to do to place an order once a price has been agreed?

    To go ahead with a translation once a quotation has been accepted, we need written confirmation to proceed or a PO.  Confirmation by email is also acceptable.

    How long will my translation take?

    Our translators translate 2000 words per day on average or approximately 6 pages of A4 based on 350 words per page.

    How do I pay for my translation?

    30 day credit terms are available to most corporate clients.  Occasionally, for new clients or individuals payment may be required upfront.

    Meet the Team

    Our team consists of professionals with broad experience from varied backgrounds combining our skills to service you. We each have something of our own to add to your project, making it truly personal.

    Andrew Winterbottom


    I have a background in computer programming and IT administration. I am fluent in C++, PHP, HTML and Javascript and most major web based technologies and regularly work and maintain Windows Server systems and servers running Debian Linux.

    Whenever something needs scripting, or an app needs putting together to process an XML file, I am generally involved.

    I have gained an expertise in our industry standard software - SDL Trados, XLIFF, etc. - along with a good understanding of regular desktop publishing and printing practices. I have successfully implemented the ISO 17100 Translation Quality Management standard within our business and as I write this I am in the process of bringing us up to the ISO 27001 Information Security Management standard.

    I supervise the day to day operations of our project managers, and coordinate all activities within our business.

    John Shouler

    Managing Director

    I am educated to a university standard and studied Psychology and Sociology. I then spent over 20 years in the computer industry, working for companies such as Nixdorf, where I was the City branch manager, Datasaab / Ericsson, Harrow branch manager and latterly at Motorola computer systems where I was M.D.

    In 1989 I formed Tongue Tied ltd which was the first translation company and then in 2002 UK TechTrans was born.

    Both companies have grown and shown unparalleled success.

    I am happily married with 2 children and enjoy sport, latterly as a footballer and I now play golf on a regular basis. I have also travelled extensively and welcome the diversity other cultures provide.

    Neil Whines

    Finance Director

    I am a Chartered Accountant, qualifying with Ernst & Young in 1981. I have since worked in a wide variety of large public to small private companies, notably Rediffusion plc, Knobs & Knockers plc, and Komfort Systems Ltd, as Financial Accountant through to Finance Director.

    Over the last 20 years I have invested in and worked on a part-time basis with a number of small private companies and charities, focussing on financial accounting and management. This includes UK TechTrans Ltd, which was started in 2002.

    I continue to assist a number of small companies in a range of areas, from translations to picture framing, from a leather merchant to a business networking group.

    Adam Idrissi

    Project Manager

    I have studied in Budapest earning a BA in International Relations, before completing an Internship at ExxonMobil Headquarters in Paris.

    I moved to London to complete a Master’s Degree in International Hospitality Management and started my career at American Express working in Customer Services and the Executive Office as a Consultant.

    In 2016 I was part of a successful start-up BPTHINK Web design, before Joining UK TechTrans Ltd as a Project Manager. I speak five languages and bring a global view with language and inter personal skills to the table. I enjoy travelling in my free time and I’m a cultural food enthusiast.

    I recently presented Tectrans with a difficult challenge to translate a number of technical brochures from English to Italian with a very tight deadline for completion. Our new Italian distributor had a last minute opportunity to present our products at a trade show which was an opportunity I certainly did not want to miss. I presented this challenge to Tectrans who accepted. Throughout the process the communication from Tectrans was excellent, making sure updates were provided on the status and progress was being made. Tectrans delivered both digital and printed versions of the brochures within the challenging time frame, with very positive feedback received from our Italian distributor on the translations provided.

    Spencer Wills | Commercial Business Director – Europe / Jergens Inc.

    The demands of our customer have been very specific, requiring both Russian and English text on the same (often complex) drawings, and our expectations have been exceeded with the quality of the documentation returned. We have found the DTP and formatting to be of an exceptional quality.

    Tectrans will always contact us with any questions prior to translation to ensure correct understanding so that documentation is delivered to us right first time. We have developed an effective working relationship with Tectrans, who we now consider our go-to company for Russian translations.

    Trevor Dawson / SPP Pumps

    Thanks again for helping us out with these additions, you guys really are head and shoulders above our last translation company, and we were with them for years!

    Barry Grubb / International Tobacco Machinery (UK) LTD

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