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Tectrans are ISO 17100:2015 Certified

This is the European quality standard for Translation Service Providers, and Tectrans are certified by independent external audit twice per year.

This standard is derived from the more general ISO 9001 Business Management standard, and so requires a strong set of quality management controls, including but not limited to:

  • Non-conformance controls
  • Corrective and Preventative Actions
  • Internal auditing
  • Regular, routine management review

ISO 17100 offers the following benefits to Tectrans and its customers:

  • It ensures a high level of quality because it establishes a stringent criteria for the qualifications and expertise of our translators, as well as the processes and resources used. This means your projects are handled by qualified professionals who recognise industry standards.
  • It emphasises the importance of understanding your requirements, therefore ensuring your expectations are met.
  • It requires us to identify risks and implement appropriate strategies and plans. By taking a proactive approach to risk, you will benefit from a more reliable service that minimises the chance of project delays or quality issues.

On top of this it also puts strong requirements on Tectrans for the recruitment and management of our translators, in terms of native language experience, educational attainment, industry experience, and ongoing professional-development.

Click on the image below to view/download our latest up-to-date ISO 17100 certificate:

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